As much as I want to say that July flew by, I really don’t feel like it did. This is my first summer off from both school and a steady job, so things have been pretty slow around here. And if you know me, and know how much I love routine, this can be a blessing and a curse!

July is always like the peak of summer in my eyes, and once August arrives, I’m so ready for football and jeans! However, living in Ohio means that the summer heat usually doesn’t make an exit until the middle/end of September and we don’t get a taste of autumn for quite some time after. But, I’m appreciating the remaining few weeks of summer vacation because as of August 17th, I am officially a senior at Arizona State University! And a full time nanny again! YAY and holy busy all at once! Isn’t that how it always goes?

It’s hard to believe I’m already in my fourth year of college and preparing for graduation! I started blogging when I was a senior in high school/freshman in college, and though it was going in a very different direction, I can’t believe I started putting my writing and thoughts out there that long ago! I will never forget the moment that one of my closet friends/family/sisters from another mister, introduced me to WordPress and encouraged me to start a blog. It was the best, most incredible, and single-minded feelings that I have ever felt. It was all I thought about and all I could picture myself doing. It was just this moment of enlightenment and guidance that truly changed my life and path forever.

I promise I have favorites and I’ll totally stop reminiscing now – but these little memories will attribute to my August intentions so it’s not complete babble! Here are some of my  July favorites!

Sitting Down For Meals & Breakfast Favs!

My breakfast game has been strong this month, and for no other reason than waking up hungry. Chad and I started running in the beginning of July and haven’t stopped since! I hated it at first, like actually hated it, but all of a sudden things became easier and enjoyable. I think I want to do a whole other post on my current training and nutrition so I won’t get too far into it, but running more (+lifting)  = burning more calories and my body is feeling it! I realized how important it is to actually sit down and have 3 larger meals around my training, instead of snacking and grazing all day.

I used to wake up and have a banana with my coffee, lift, have breakfast, have a snack, have lunch, have dinner, and finish with another snack. I never felt completely full and wasn’t  seeing much progress in my body or training. Once we started running, I was determined to see results so I forced myself to have 3 main meals, and only 1 snack a day. Again, I’ll do another separate post all about that if you want! With that, I started experimenting with some different breakfast options that were a bit higher in calories and carbs than I’m used to. Let’s just say, things have been great, I don’t have an edge to snack all day, and I truly feel so much better throughout the day! Here are a few breakfast options that I’ve really been loving:

Two Eggs & Banana Oats with Cacao Nibs


This is an oldie, but goodie! I stared away from oats for a while because I was never doing anything that active in the morning to where I felt like I needed the extra carbs. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to have oatmeal and because of the extra protein from the eggs and chia seeds, it keeps you feeling full without groggy and slowed down.

All I do is heat up 1/2 cup of rolled oats in water, and top with one banana, cacao nibs, and chia seeds. Cacao nibs are a really great additive for extra healthy fats and all of the good antioxidants that you would normally get from dark chocolate, minus the sugar! They’re bitter at first, but when complimented with a banana, they add the perfect amount of sweetness and chocolatey flavor!

Personal Egg Fritta with A Fruit Salad & Breakfast Potatoes



If it looks like I made an entire family-sized brunch for myself, then I must have made an entire brunch for myself. Remember when I said things have been kind of slow around here, well – I wasn’t lying! One morning after a long run, I decided why not try something new and really go all out for myself?! So I did, and this happened and it was thee best breakfast ever!

In a 9-inch cast iron skillet, I sautéed one red onion and one red bell pepper. Once they was translucent and slightly crispy, I added in 3 eggs, arugula, feta cheese and a little bit of bacon! I let that cook on the stove until the bottom was golden and then finished it off in the oven for about 5-7 minutes at 350ºF. So easy, so delicious, and oh so pretty! I paired it with fresh tomatoes, left over baby potatoes from dinner the night before, and a juicy fruit salad. Talk about taking time to appreciate your self!

Simple Egg Sandwiches

If you follow on Instagram, then you know how much I love my egg sandwiches! These are practically an every day thing for me, especially if I don’t have a ton of time in the morning. For me the perfect egg sandwich has to include: whole grain or sprouted toast/wrap, egg (duh), and GREENS! In case you missed it, I also grew/am growing my own microgreens! Another awesome July favorite!

I keep things super simple but if I’m feeling extra, I’ll definitely throw some on some cheese or guac!




Rx Bars, Pistachios, and Caesar Snap Peas!

I feel silly to even say this, but I think I fell in love with RX Bars again. I’m not going to lie, since our local Target started carrying them, they just seem different. And different in a great way! I don’t know if I was purchasing some old bars from our local health food shop or what but I swear they taste so much better and more fresh whenever I get them from Target.

Target also started carrying the RX Kids Bars and that’s kind of how I initially started buying them again. I love protein bars that are around/under 160 calories, for the sole reason that I do not need or want a meal replacement bar, I just want a snack! The kids flavors and size are the perfect mid-day snack and I love that I can purchase them from Target.

So yes, these are an oldie but I’m brining them back because I’ve been eating them like crazy!



Another snack I’ve been loving, if you couldn’t tell from my last post, is pistachios! If you saw my last post, you will know that I found a huge back of these babies for just under $16! I couldn’t believe it and was so freaking happy to find them! I usually just snack on them, but I found they are great for topping salads and are the perfect compliment for dark chocolate!

Adding to that, my other fav snack right now are these caesar flavored snap peas! I originally fell in love with the sea salt and habanero flavors, but these might just have them both beat. I swear they taste like cheese-puffs and I have very little self-control when eating them! Good thing they come in small-ish bags!



I took all of these healthy snacks with my to Nashville and they definitely came in handy!  Speaking of, can I say NASHVILLE was a July favorites?? I think that ones a given!

Gut Health & Probiotic Update!

For the sake of living on a budget, I wish I could tell you that eating raw and healthy foods will make you feel as good as you want to look. I wish I could tell you that buying fresh produce from the grocery is as good as it used to be and will keep your immune and digestive system thriving. But after this last month, I can’t tell you that either of those things are very true.

Before we get into my favorite probiotics, let me just rewind and let you in on a little personal experiment I did over the last month. Towards the very end of June and beginning of July, I ran out of my store-bought probiotic supplement. It was the single strain, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and was geared towards helping my overall immune and gut health. Well, I ran out and figured why not try going a few weeks without it, eat extremely healthy, and see if kombucha and other fermented foods could do the trick. Worst idea.

Within two weeks of not having any outside probiotic supplement, my bathroom schedule became nonexistent, EVERYTHING gave me stomach cramps, and my belly bloat was bigger than ever! I was constantly uncomfortable, constipated, cranky, hungry and confused all at the same time. Experiment complete, hypothesis deemed false, I need probiotics in my life!

I decided to bite the bullet and join Amazon’s subscription service so I would never run out and experience this again. These probiotics have literally changed my life and I truly cannot live without them!

They’re under $30 a month, guaranteed life sustainability, have 16 different strains (which means targeting 16 different jobs/locations in the gut), and contain 50 million CFU or colony forming units. If you want to learn more about your gut health, check out my latest post all about it! Let’s Talk About Bloat


I will post a affiliate link at the bottom of this page off all of my favorite products, including these probiotics! Thank you for supporting the companies and brands that support The Healthiest Me!

 August Intentions & Mantras

August is going to be a very busy month for me so instead of freaking out, I’m going to set some intentions or goals for myself that I hope to hold true throughout the madness!

I’m so grateful for the time I have had over the summer to really focus on my blog. I feel like I’m finally in a place that I love and meeting all of the right people! It also makes me a bit nervous because I feel like I have worked hard to gain this momentum, and I don’t want school/work to get in the way. But, I guess that’s just life and we’re going to do the best we can with what we’ve got!

Here’s a quick list of things I want to do and remind myself of, over the next few weeks!

  1. Don’t worry about tomorrow, focus on today
  2. Be mindful, be passionate, and be compassionate
  3. Focus on the things you love to do and it will be easy to do
  4. Stay true to your self, message, and goals
  5. Let loose, get out of routine, do what feels good
  6. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate
  7. Do yoga everyday, don’t do the gym everyday, just do what you want
  8. Tune in to your thoughts, feels, wants, and needs
  9. You can handle it just work hard
  10. Keep writing, blogging, capturing, creating, exploring, and changing

That feels so good. I encourage you to make a list of healthy reminders or goals you want to achieve, and remind yourself everyday. It can make the world of a difference!


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