HELLO! I am so thrilled to be here on Hanna’s corner of the Internet–I hope you’re all well. I’m Kennedy, an actor and health & wellness/lifestyle blogger over at KennedyPM.com. A little about me: after suffering with chronic migraines and debilitating anxiety for years, I found the magic of eating well and treating my body with love–since then, I’ve reclaimed my health and am passionate about sharing it with anyone who wants to listen. When I’m not in class, on Instagram or on set, you’ll find me devouring smoothie bowls, spreading grass-fed butter on anything in sight, or reading nerdy nutrition books.

Now, onto business.

Vacations, as any sane person knows, are one of the greatest things since sliced Paleo bread. It’s an opportunity to switch things up, refresh, relax, and spend time out of your comfort zone whiledoing comfortable things. Pretty hard offer to pass up. But when you’ve got health on the brain, it can be tricky balancing a healthy lifestyle so you feel good, with a healthy mind so you’re not depriving yourself. Ahead are my top tips for avoiding food guilt, feeling your best, and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit while traveling.


Bring ’em. For the airplane, for delays, for time between meals, for when you get lost exploring, etc. Healthy snacks (that are easy to transport) are a great safety net to keep you on track eating things that make you feel good so you’re never stuck choosing between something that may sacrifice your health or hunger. Personally, it makes me feel more comfortable knowing I always have a healthy thing to munch on in case the going gets rough. I like protein bars (with few ingredients; my favorites are the Paleo Bars from Julian’s Bakery or FATSBAR), ethically-raised jerky (EPIC bars or other grass-fed/organic options), dried fruit, packets of nuts or seeds, and things like that. At the very least, you know you’ll be making healthy decisions with your snacks if nothing else.


If you struggle with food guilt when it comes to indulgences, this is something I highly recommend: decide beforehand what you’re okay eating, when you’re going to indulge, and on what (or one of the three). This active decision-making helps you avoid a spontaneous splurge and the possible guilty feeling that may follow, since when you do indulge, you had planned it. It also helps you avoid thinking about whether or not you’ll get dessert at the end of the meal the entire time you’re at the restaurant; you’ll either get it or you won’t, depending on what you decided before.

Chances are this tip is more applicable for people who are early on in their healthy eating journey, since I’ve found that the deeper into your health journey you go, the easier it is to find balance. I do always encourage though a healthy and loving approach to food, and I always ask myself the question, “will this increase my quality of life?” If it’s a food that will make me sick and unable to participate in the things I want to do later that day or that week, then the answer is no. If it’s something special, if it’s in celebration, if it’s unique to the place I’m visiting, if it will make me much more happy than sad, then the answer is yes.


No matter what else you’re eating, get some good ole fashioned vegetables in there. Staying on top of your micronutrients/vitamins/minerals (a.k.a. vegetables) will decrease the impact of less-healthy foods by giving your body the stuff it needs to work as best as it can. Buy some veggies at a local grocery store to eat raw for snacks, or order an extra side of roasted veg or a salad with dinner.


Your habits are on hold for a little bit, whether you like it or not. Embrace the change it gives your body. If anything, when you get back home to your old routine, it may feel even more effective because your body will be shocked back into it! In the mean time, find new ways to incorporate your old routine, and embrace how it inspires you to refine your at-home habits. Maybe you get creative with ingredients you have on hand that you normally wouldn’t buy, or you find out that you really enjoy swimming or taking long walks as a form of exercise that you hadn’t really considered before. See what it’s like to meditate in a brand new place, to be active in a new place, to eat well; you’ll learn so much more about what you’re capable of (like kicking butt outside of your normal routine), what is really working for you in your at-home routine (absence makes the heart grow fonder), and how the vibe of a new place can be brought home with you and incorporated.


But not (necessarily) in the gym. If you’re in a new place, explore it on foot for A) exercise B) a much more in-depth, memorable experience of the place you’re in. I always find that the physical locations I associate most with a certain trip are the ones I spent a lot of time walking around in, and they really shape the experience of the entire vacation for me. So not only do you have that, but you get exercise to boot. You can also find ways to get moving by participating in activities unique to that place that you may not have thought to do if you weren’t thinking with a movement-driven mindset. If you’re on a lake, rent canoes and go for a paddle! If there are trails around, take a hike and see the place from an entirely different view. You get the idea–pursue the things that combine entertainment, movement, and appreciation of the place you’re visiting.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, but I hope you enjoyed these five tips to help you get control of the time you spend traveling and use it to always, always improve your quality of life–whatever that means for you. Come find me over at KennedyPM.com where I share healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, monthly favorites, What I Eat In A Days, and much more! You can also see what I’m up to on Instagram @kennedypm. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and be sure to pop over to my blog to see Hanna’s tips and tricks for healthy, happy travel.

xx Kennedy


Where to Find Kennedy!

Hi everyone, thank you so much for stopping by and reading Kennedy’s post! I have had such a great time working with her on this collab and I hope you guys loved her tips as much as I did!

A few months ago, Kennedy reached out to me letting me know that she was from Arizona and have many friends who are studying at Arizona State University (where I’m currently finishing school). Sadly I’m not actually IN Arizona but low and behold, neither is Kennedy and we actually only live about an hour apart at the moment! It was such a funny/small world moment but I could not be more grateful to have had this opportunity with her. She is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people I have “met” in the blogging world. I am so so so happy and excited to see what we both have in store next!

Here’s where you can find Kennedy!

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