The Better For You Brownies

So good, you won’t believe they’re healthy

If you’re living anywhere along the East coast, I’m sure you’re experiencing this nice reminder that it is still winter. In NE Ohio, it is currently seventeen degrees with twenty mile and hour winds and snowing like you wouldn’t believe. Yes mother nature we hear you, it is still winter.

And nothing makes me want to shove my face with comfort food quite like this weather does. After trekking out to run some errands yesterday, I decided why not whip up some brownies? My thoughts exactly: “It’s freezing, I don’t care about a summer bod because summer is never coming and it’s freezing.” – It seemed convincing enough for me! Well you all know I only have my sweet cheats on Saturday’s and I wasn’t going to mess that up now, so – super healthy, no sugar added, GF brownies is what we got! And might I add, they’re pretty freaking good.

I tried out a black bean brownie recipe a few months ago and couldn’t believe how delicious they were. They were thick, fudgey, creamy, and sweet like every brownie should be. It was hard to believe black beans were in them! However, that recipe also had a good amount of added sugar between the milk chocolate chips and brown sugar.

I was determined to make a refined sugar free, high fiber/protein recipe using all natural ingredients. I wanted to have that same great fluffy texture that we all love in a great brownie, without the fortified flour and processed sugars. With that in mind, I went to my pantry and the next thing I knew – fudgey, all natural, protein brownies were in my oven. It was a Stella snowstorm miracle! Just kidding, it was the works of my inner phat girl. Enjoy!

{ Nutrition Information | serving size: makes about 18 brownies | 68 calories per brownie, 8 grams of carbs (4 grams of fiber) and  10 grams of protein }

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