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My favorite skincare products for dry winter skin

Skincare is something that many of us overlook when we think about improving our overall heath, but your skin can actually tell a lot about your health! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Your skin is the largest organ in your body!”  Well, that is true. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and most of what your skin shows, has to do with your nutrition, exercising habits, where you live/climate change and even daily products that you use.

Confession: I’ve personally never cared too much about my skin – not so great, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I did not love my zits and blemishes, but they certainly didn’t cross my mind after a little early morning BB cream fix. I’ve never had acne or super oily/dry skin – it’s always just been normalish and I was totally alright with my skin being just alright. Fast forward a few years and I quickly realized my young skin wasn’t going to be invincible for forever. And with the stress of college, the stress of finding a job, training five days a week, and living in dry as can be Northeast Ohio –  I decided I needed to make my skin a major priority.

This past Christmas, with a better skin 2017 in mind, I asked for a few skincare items. My wonderful sister picked out a few higher-end products that I absolutely fell in love with. She knows that I am the furthest thing from a beauty guru and would never buy them for myself, despite how great these products were. Well, that’s all about to change because I would purchase, repurchase, and stock up on these products!  The first brand that I want to talk about is Philosophy skin care. They are a brand that strives to make products that make us women feel as good as we want to look. A main priority is making us love ourselves in our own skin, which means they are using the gold-standard ingredients (many without parabens!) in order to produce top quality and effective products. And the second is a product that is just as great but way more affordable – Cetaphil. This product is so worth the buy, and speaking of buy – it’s under $10.

No.1 Philosophy

I use a combination of 3-4 Philosophy products a day. The first is my one-step facial cleanser that I use in the shower. This is a super light weight cleanser that might not feel like much, but makes a world of a difference. I’ve noticed how much softer and bright my skin and complexion look day to day. There are some moments that I can’t believe my skin looks that good getting out of the shower! I do pair this with my St. Ives Black Head Eraser just in my T-zone for a little extra scrub.


Once I get out of the shower, I like to moisturize right away. I have both a day time and night time cream that I am obsessed with. Let’s start with the daytime. The collection is called “Renewed Hope In A Jar” and despite the sarcastic laugh I let out at Christmas, this is the exact hope your skin has been calling for! This is a refreshing and renewing moisturizer that is super light on the skin but packs a big punch. I would warn anyone with oily skin to be weary of this product, it is very very moisturizing. But for anyone living in a dry area with and normal to dry skin, you will love how hydrating this product really is on the skin.IMG_5995.jpg

Now for my fav duo! The night time repair and refreshing cream with their refreshing eye cream. After a long day of wearing make up, working, working out, or all of the above – this is heaven for your face. I like to put a small amount of the lotion all over my face and even some on the back of my arms (super dry spot). After I apply just a dap of eye cream gently to my under eyes and let it soak in over night. Waking up every morning, I have noticed SUCH a difference. My complexion is more even, I haven’t had any type of break out, and my skin is beyond soft and hydrated. Here in Ohio, it’s been really dry and some days are much colder than others. But this routine has helped so much with any type of dry and flaky skin that I’ve experienced in past winters.


All together, these have truly become a staple in my beauty and skin care routine. Winter is a tough season, especially on your skin. And despite the amount of lemon water you drink – it might not be enough. Skincare was made coat, protect, and nourish your skin just as wholesome foods do for our bodies. I love finding brands that honor that mission and keep the ingredients as safe and natural as possible. By no means was this post sponsored in any way, every single opinion is my own and based off of my experience. I just love sharing new and exciting healthy things with all of you!

No.2 Cetaphil

There is one more brand that I have to mention because it has been a long time favorite over the past few years. Though I didn’t truly take care of my skin, I’ve always appreciated a good lotion. I’ve tried products across the board but one has really stuck and that is Cetaphil. I came across the facial cleanser in a Vogue magazine and then started seeing it everywhere. Once I tried it, I was hooked. It is by far thee best drug store face cleanser for normal to dry skin. It has never caused irruption on my skin, break outs, or dryness. Just like the Philosophy formula – it is super light and refreshing.


After coming across a double pack of the Cetaphil lotions, I had to give it ago. As I mentioned before, my arms have always been a very dry area, both in the winter and summer months. I actually experienced white sun spots for about two years because of it! After trying out this Cetaphil lotion over the past summer and now into the winter months, I am sold. Just as the cleanser, this lotion is super hydrating without feeling heavy on the skin. It doesn’t leave you oily, sticky, or shiny. I feel like your skin just soaks it in so quickly without clogging pores and causing irritation.


This is another incredible brand that is recommended by dermatologists and made for you to feel amazing in your own skin. The first ingredient which is the main ingredient is water. If anyone has ever read their ingredients labels, many will start with alcohol. Which as you can imagine, can actually be quite drying to the skin. Sorry, but how is that helpful again?? Going in circles here.

Overall both of these products are amazing on the skin. I can honestly say that I would and will repurchase the Philosophy collection, I think you are definitely paying for what you get. I love both brands and all of these products for different reasons. Right now these are my everyday go-to’s and I have noticed such a difference since using them!

I’ve quickly learned that eating healthy and nutritious foods, drinking an adequate amount of water, and exercising can all benefit your skin. But taking it one step further and actually cleaning and moisturizing your skin is just as important. We all want to rock the “no-make up” make up trend, but maybe we should just leave it at no make up. And trust me, after giving these products a go, you will see why.


If you’re interested and purchasing any of the products:

If you want to check out both sites directly to get more information such as ingredients lists and where to buy, just click here: Philosophy.com & Cetaphil.com

*These are affiliate links but each and every product I have mentioned are subject to my own opinion and I would never promote a brand that I didn’t stand by. If you would rather click the link, no harm no foul. Thank you for supporting my site and the brands that I love.

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2 thoughts on “Top 4 Winter Skincare Products”

  1. Great post! I’m the same way, I am very “meh” about my skin. It’s not perfect but it’s not awful, and I am way too lazy to put that much effort into something that isn’t really bothering me yet. But it will soon and i’ll be sorry I didn’t put in the effort now! So thank you for the post, I will have to look into some of these products.

    1. Thank you, Mea! That’s exactly how I have always been. And I don’t think that really changes until you find something that you love and works! I would recommend these products as great starters for anyone. 😊💓

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