Hello 2017!

I can’t believe we are welcoming 2017 – this year flew by! And despite all of the memes, I thought 2016 wasn’t half bad. There was a lot of big and exciting changes for us this year, between moving out, keeping the gym going + growing, taking this blog a bit more serious, and learning how to love it all – I think we did pretty well.

Speaking of the blog, I just want to say THANK YOU to every single one of my followers and supporters. Whether friends and family that have to like it to the many amazing strangers I’ve come to know – I appreciate you more than you may ever know. I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue this dream without any of you. The confidence that you give me is something I could never put into words, it’s truly an incredible feeling. Ugh I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU times a million!

It was this time last year that I did my NYE tips, where I blogged & vlogged for like five days straight. I can’t tell you that they were very good, but they did teach me a big lesson that carried on through much of my year – never be afraid to be yourself and pursue what you love. Of course I felt dumb and worried about what people thought, whether or not they were talking about me and how weird I was. But then you realize who the hell cares because even if I’m helping ONE person, I’ve done more than any one of those negative Nancys. Let 2017 be your year to try new things – start a blog or a health page, inspire and help others! It’s a better feeling than you can ever imagine, the hardest part is just to start.

Enough with the lobby rants (I know) here are some of my favorite moments from 2016!

Let me just say, one of the biggest benefits of being a blogger is always having pictures and wanting to capture everything. So to start, here’s our last dinner of 2015 – burgers, beer, and fries. Oh and don’t forget the loaded nachos!


Well not much has changed. And this will probably be our last meal of 2016 as well!

We got to do a ton of traveling over the past year, mostly to nearby cities (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus) but that also meant a ton of great food. One of our favorite breakfast spots in Columbus served the best breakfast burritos, hail North Star Cafe.


And our favorite Cleveland spot: Great Lakes Brewery | The pierogies are to die for!


Despite our ever going schedule, we always made time for some home made goods. Chad smoked a few meats this year and they definitely topped every restaurant in the area. Brisket, chicken, pulled pork and a view like that?! Heaven if I’ve ever seen it!


I can’t say my recipes did to bad this year either! I loved experimenting with a few not so traditional ingredients – like black bean brownies, who knew?!


Just click here for the recipes! {Black Bean Brownies, No Bakes, and Baked Oatmeal}


We can’t forget these choco chip protein cookies – yuuuuuum

Along with cookies, this was great year for protein shakes. I finally found the perfect base for any flavor protein shake, if you like frosty – you will love these! And I can’t say which exactly is my favorite because they were all soo good, but the vanilla mocha was definitely up there. This peppermint protein shake was perfect for the holidays – but hey, no one will blame you if you crave one mid January!


What a great, fulfilling year it has been. I’m excited to welcome 2017 for even more memories, great food, and amazing people. OH and incase you missed it, I also made an Instagram this year which was a pretty big accomplishment for me – so check it out!

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