I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I ate a lot of food and took a lot of naps. It was so nice having the weekend off and just being able to lay around, see family, and take a break from everything.

If you read my last post, you probably already can guess what this is going to be about. I’ve decided to start a project/plan of posts called Healthy Happenings where I’m going to promote, try, and talk about some of my favorite small(ish) businesses in the health and nutrition industry. With so many different companies on the market, selling everything from artificial protein bars, cakes, and cookies – I think its really important to find the shops that are willing to go the extra mile, use wholesome ingredients, and deliver a product that makes you feel as good as you look. As always, I am only referencing products and businesses that I love and trust, and believe you will too.

The Buff Pastry Shop – Pittsburgh, PA

I don’t want to carry on too much with an intro so without further ado – my first Healthy Happenings goes to small business owner Muddy Melissa at The Buff Pastry Shop!

Melissa is a certified personal trainer, nutrition counselor, ultra runner and OCR athlete. Along with her impressive resume, she is the owner of The Buff Pastry Shop in Pittsburgh, PA! Her shop is available on Etsy – a great online spot for small business owners! Just click on the link here to check out her long list of goodies!

I was so happy to find a shop owner so close to where I am from and immediately had to place an order! My first purchase (of many) – Almond Joy Proatmeal Protein Bars! I had to go with something that I knew Chad and I would both enjoy and our tried and true favorite candy bar is the Almond Joy so I figured why not give it a go. And all I can say is YUM.


When I first opened my package, I was greeted with a really sweet handwritten note from Melissa. Prior to ordering, I did contact her just to make sure that it was okay to feature her product on the blog, and of course it was. After talking I was even more excited to share these with you because Melissa was so incredibly sweet and valued all of the same nutrition standard that I talk about on my blog. One thing she said that really stuck out with me was, “One of the reasons I started my business was because I saw how many other places were cutting corners – low calorie but full of junk, healthy but devoid of taste, etc.” Talk about nailing it on the head! I am so glad to tell all of you that these bars are full of nutritious and wholesome ingredients that are a no-brainer for a healthier you.

Melissa’s ingredients list for these bad boys include: gluten free oats, unprocessed stevia, unsweetened shredded coconut, raw almonds, homemade almond butter, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vegan protein, coconut milk yogurt, and flax seed. These bars are 100% refine sugar free, gluten free and vegan. Yes, yes, and more yes.

They are about 290 calories per bar (hence the meal in proatmeal) so they are a bit higher than some low-cal options. But with an ingredients list like that and stats like these – I promise these won’t do you harm! A total of 27 grams of protein per bar, 32 grams of carbs (5g of fiber) and only 6 grams of fat – these are perfect for a post-workout snack or even a healthy dessert!


The first layer is almost like a dough – but not overly dry. Next comes the layer of sliced almonds and homemade almond butter. And let me tell you – the almond butter is better than ay store bought product that calls themselves almond butter! It’s more buttery than creamy and for this product, it works perfectly. Next comes the toasted shredded coconut which is unsweetened yet so tasty. I’m usually not a fan of unsweetened coconut, I’m sure Almond Joys don’t use unsweetened coconut, but this topping is nothing less than delicious! Overall,  I was so surprised with out true to taste these bars were!


I’m so happy that these lived up to my expectations. Obviously her pictures definitely do these justice in comparison to mine that have been wrapped, boxed and shipped. I can honestly say that I have eaten one every day and they’re also the first thing Chad grabs after dinner. I want to thank Melissa so much for having the courage to pursue her dream in such a competitive industry. These bars taste absolutely amazing and they have such incredible stats – I’m so glad I didn’t pass these up. I think we can say this was a very successful first Healthy Happenings!

Here is all of Melissa’s contact information including her store where you can look around and order some delicious treats!

The Buff Pastry Shop

@MuddyMelissa on Instagram!

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  1. omg! I am already loving this new series you’ve created! we def value the same things in our foods like no added refined sugar & real food! Thx for the review :)) I’m so sick of protein bars where the only thing you taste is dates lol

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