Bring On The Food – All Of The Food!

Happy Start Of The Holidays Week

It’s Thanksgiving week which means the holidays are here! And for some reason (not that I’m questioning it) but I am extra excited for the holidays this year. Moving into our own place, a place that is truly our home, feels like a dream in it self. Add getting together with the fam, amazing food, and some time off from school makes it that much better.

My mom was in town Friday afternoon and we couldn’t help but stop by our favorite farmer’s market for some coffee and donuts. What a way to start the weekend, right? I think my Thanksgiving stretchy pants are going to come out a bit early this year. Please, don’t drool too much. – By the way, they were gone by Saturday night, oops!


A Not So Traditional Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Over this past weekend we had a small pre, not so traditional, Thanksgiving at my mom’s and let’s just say we started this week off right! We had a ton of BBQ short ribs, creamy mashed potatoes with chopped scallions (heavenly and dangerous combo), garlic green beans & brussel sprouts, and of course Hawaiian sweet rolls. Hungry yet?  It was the perfect pre-Thanksgiving meal with even better company.

A Slightly Sobby Thank You

Because November is generally the month for giving thanks and feeling thankful, I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am to even have this blog, let alone followers! To say I feel blessed is an understatement. When I first started this site, I was going through a bit of soul searching/not liking who I was finding. Having this blog as my outlet to share my favorite recipes or even small bits of nutrition information, helped me find myself and my purpose. As cheesy as that sounds, I felt like I finally had a purpose and a share on this crazy, internet world of health and fitness. I found my audience of women of all ages who want valuable, truthful information that can help them in their everyday lives in the healthiest and happiest way possible. I had to leave behind an audience that judged you based on looks and curves – and though I was reluctant, I couldn’t say BUH-BYE quick enough. I just want each and every one of you to know that I read every single one of your comments, almost in tears, because I am so thankful to have met such incredible and inspiring women who can love and support each other like you all do. You gals are such inspirations to me in and out of the gym, the kitchen, and even behind my computer screen.

You all make my heart so light and oh so full. Thank you.

AND ONE Big Announcement!

I decided to start a new project where I am going to promote, shoutout, review, and talk about some really awesome small(er) businesses that sell anything nutritious and delicious! As much as I love to review some of my favorite top protein bars and such, I think its really important to share the light with some small businesses/hard working girls who admire solid nutrition as much as I do!

I have a really exciting first review coming within the next week, it’s currently being shipped, so whenever it arrives I will be posting a ton about them! All I can say is they have to do with my favorite candy bar (Almond Joy) and they’re HEALTHY! I don’t want to give away too much but keep your eye out for an upcoming post!

If any of my followers out there have anyone in mind for this project, please please please let me know!! I started my search on Etsy and found some really great stuff but I am always up for suggestions and tips!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Moments + Big Announcement”

  1. Just found your blog & loving everything so far! I am so on board already and looking forward to your future posts & projects. I know how you feel on the thankfulness of having your blog! I just started mine after wanting it for years and finally randomly doing it. Glad I found yours :)) –Jess p.s. i could not NOT comment on those donuts — so pretty !

    1. You are so sweet Jess, Thank you! Kudos for you for just doing it! I’m excited to see you start to grow as well, it’s truly an amazing experience. I love being apart of such an awesome community! Thank you again!

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