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Because it’s the best time of the year and what’s not to love

Since I’ve started posting my monthly favorites, it seems like the months go back just too fast! And since fall is my absolute favorite season and I didn’t want it to go by in the blink of an eye, so I decided to put together one big seasonal favorites.

My last favorites post was back in August (I can’t believe it) when Chad and I were finally starting to get things together for our big move. After a month or so of getting adjusted and into a new rhythm, I am happy to say things are becoming more normal for us. I’ve been really thinking about how I want to move forward on The Healthiest Me and I think I want to make a set schedule for the blog, maybe food/recipe posts on a certain day and more informational posts on another? With maybe a whatever day somewhere in there? Let me know in the comments if you go by a schedule and whether or not you enjoy it.

After an October full of a whole lot of football games, some legally ordered beer, and lots’ of candy buying – I’m quite sad for it to be over. But the holidays are right around the corner, which means more great times and even better food! I wanted to throw together a list of a few things that I’ve been loving this fall, including the amount of pizza we’ve been consuming.. I can explain. Enjoy!

Dannon Fit & Light:  Pumpkin Yogurt

I’ve been waiting for soon long to share this with you guys! Ugh this has been my guilty pleasure and I have gone to every local store to stock up before these babies are gone! Seriously, I love this yogurt! I’ve never been much of a dairy eater, not necessarily because my body reacts to it, but I just never get around to drinking a glass of milk – you know? Well that was before. These little yogurts are so delicious and have permanently made their way into my life.

Not only does each flavor taste amazing, and yes they even have dessert inspired flavors, but the nutrition stats are just as good. Each yogurt is 80 calories (less than Chobani’s light), 9 grams of carbs, and 12 grams of protein. I started having one with lunch or even before a late workout and they have become my go to snack. I normally stay away from anything that claims to be ‘light’ just because they’re generally filled with artificial sweeteners, but the Fit & Light series do have sugar. Only 7 grams and I’m totally okay with that – better than chemicals!

If you can grab these before they’re gone, do so! If not, some of my favorite flavors are the Boston cream pie, key lime pie, and the black cherry. MMM! #Healthydessert?!

NuGo Slim Bar

I think his face says it all.

This months favorite protein bar is the NuGo Slim Bars! If you read my last two monthly faves, you would know that I’ve been obsessed with the Oatmega Bars. And yes, I’m still in heaven every time I eat one, but I know many places don’t carry them – even Vitamin & GNC shops which is super disappointing. On the hunt for a more accessible bar and voila! NuGo has been a top company for me over the years and I was really excited to find this bar that is completely free of artificial sweeteners and packed with fiber.

For all of my vegans, GF, low sugar, no BS lovers out there – this company is definitely worth a try! Each bar is 180 calories, 19 grams of carbs (7 grams of fiber), and 17 grams of protein. I have yet to come across a bar that has this much protein for that amount of calories! Welcome to the faves!

Panera’s Turkey Chili

 Nothing is worse than being out and about and starving – because we all have a devil in our minds that convinces us McDonalds is a ‘great choice.’ Fast food spots are definitely not a go to for me, and I’m sure you all feel the same way. But much to their defense, most have started serving a light menu or even just promoting their not so obvious healthy options.

During last years New Years Eve countdown videos, I made one specifically for my love of Wendy’s Chili and how it is the perfect on the go remedy. Well, a year later and my feelings have yet to change! Whenever Chad and I are rushing to get to a game or even plan on having pizza later on in the night, which happens more often than I would like to admit, we always try to have something a bit more hardy prior to. Though I love my Wendy’s Chili, the Panara Turkey Chili is so hard to compete with!

This has definitely been one of my favorite lunches whenever we’re on the go or rushing around throughout the day. I also pare the chili with a small chicken salad (you pick 2) and it turns out to be such a great lunch!

Favorite Current Read: Switch, by Chip & Dan Heath

As I’m getting into my upper level nutrition classes, I’m finally starting to appreciate our required readings. And so far, I’m thinking this is the best text book I’ve ever had to buy!

For anyone in the nutrition/dietetics field, this book is a must. Authors Chip and Dan Heath explain exactly why we do the things we do when change comes about. One of the biggest misconceptions in the nutrition and health industry is that it either comes easy to someone or it doesn’t. We forget that changing a lifestyle is more than telling someone to eat a vegetable, it has to do with changing the minds and habits of people that have become so stuck in their traditional ways. As a future nutritionist, it makes me rethink how I will approach nutrition and bring real change to peoples lives.

If you’re in the field, wanting to be in the field, or lost in the field – read the book! You will love it and your future clients will thank you!

Current Favorite Podcast: #Girlboss Radio

 Before I knew where I wanted to go in the blogging world, I came across Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss, and I can honestly say that it is why you’re currently reading this. For those who have no idea who she is or what her mantra stands for, she’s the founder of Nasty Gal, best selling author, renowned queen #girlboss, and one of the hardest working women in the industry. Ok clearly I can go on and on but, she has a podcast, and it’s just as amazing as her book. Each episode involves Sophia catching up about daily girl boss moments, words of encouragement for hopeful girl bosses, and interviewing other leading ladies of our time.

I’ve been really trying to get some type of cardio in at least five times a week (because of that pizza issue I mentioned before) and whenever I throw one of these episodes on, I feel like I can conquer the world. Everyone she interviews and even Sophia herself, is so relatable whether you’re trying to get serious about the media/blogging world or even just trying to make a name for yourself in your current career. Everyone has a beginning and its so great to see how such successful women carried themselves through some not so promising years, terrible first jobs, and eventually built their dreams.

If you hate/love cardio as much as I do, check out her channel, find your inner #girlboss and kick your workout’s ass.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and snuck at least a few pieces of candy! Let me know some of your favorites from these past few months and be sure to find us on Insta & FB!

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