As if I didn’t talk about it enough, this past weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday! And all I can say is finally!! Not even for the drinks, but how about being able to get into a restaurant in the city after 8 p.m. right?! But I guess the drinks are just a plus.

The night before, Chad took me out to dinner, we spent the night at home and ate some homemade peach pie. It was the perfect start to another great year and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Waking up on Sunday morning, I felt so different. This birthday just felt different. For the first time ever, I could say that yes, I did feel older. I thought back to everything within the last year, every moment of my twenties and I realized how incredibly different I have grown to be.

I hate to harbor any bad memories or think about how something could’ve been different. And I guess you can say that’s the first big difference between then and now, knowing how important it is to let the problems go, that you cannot control. Anxiety is real and it’s something that only you can control and change. Once I let myself be selfish and make decisions that would make myself happy, life seemed like life again. Sometimes you really have to say YOLO, even if you’re worried about hurting someones feelings or whether or not they will agree with your decision. The people who are meant and worth being in your life, will simply dust it off and ask how they can help. The last thought that has been so overwhelming is knowing how many great people there are in the world. I reached 300 followers on this blog and though it’s pennies to some, it’s everything to me. To know that you take the time to read, follow, and comment on my blogs means more to me than any of you may know. I feel like I have created almost a friendship with you all and I am incredibly grateful for all of it. Year twenty was filled with some very necessary life lessons, and I didn’t think I would ever appreciate any of it, until yesterday. I realized I appreciate all of it.

Now that I’ve poured my thoughts out to you and feel a little closer to my inner Yoda, here is what you actually came for: my favorite weekend moments! If you are interested, please give us a follow on Instagram (@thehealthiestblog) to see more exclusive moments! I love following all of my bloggers on social media, ’cause #fam.

This weekend was full of spontaneous cooking. I made a healthy version of the classic Butter & Garlic Shrimp Pasta that we all love. I started with sautéing a spinach and kale mix in garlic and olive oil. Once that was cookies down, I added half a bag (1 lbs.) of baby shrimp and then let that cook up until the shrimp were pink and starting to brown. I had cooked up some whole wheat angel hair pasta and thought it would be perfect for this dish! Once the shrimp was done, I added the angel hair, 2 tbsp. of butter, red pepper flakes, and more garlic. I let this cooke together for roughly five minutes then dug in! It was surprisingly so so so delicious! I really didn’t think the butter was going to be saucy enough but with the cooked greens and garlic, it was perfect!


This was the first year that my grandma wasn’t here to celebrate my big day with. She was always the first call in the morning, singing the birthday tune, and wishing me a great day.  At every birthday dinner she would have a big, homemade pumpkin pie in replace of birthday cake and that was something I wasn’t willing to change. I made my first pie ever! Okay, first pie crust ever, because we all know thats the hardest part! My grandma was a baking wiz, she never gave herself the credit but she could whip up perfect chocolate chip cookies in seconds and had four pies made at every holiday. I started with a peach pie, Chad’s favorite, and then worked my way into the pumpkin for our family dinner. I will say, not too shabby Hanna.

IMG_8623.jpgIMG_8613 (1).jpg

Sunday was filled family laughs and time with my love. We got a few things done at home, like putting together tables, hanging hooks, and you know – adult home things. I lounged in my new favorite sweatpants and bathrobe that Chad bought of my birthday. I was a very, very happy camper.


It was the perfect way to end a good year and start an even better beginning. In my twenty one years of existence, I can say that I have learned what it means to let the small stuff go, appreciate every moment you have with the people you love, take chances, learn from your darkest moments, always give people the benefit of the doubt, and be willing to change. Thank you again to each and everyone of my readers, near and far, I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. You all inspire me, every single day.


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