Why Having A Crockpot Is Magic

And My Favorite Recipes So Far

Whether you’ve just left home for another year of college or signed a lease for your very first apartment, you have officially pardoned ways with your nightly home cooked meals. There’s something so exciting about being on your own, planning your own meals, and eating what ever you would like. And then again there’s something very scary about the decisions you could make. Ice cream for dinner? Yes please.

There is and always will be some speculation on how expensive a healthy diet really is. In some ways I agree and others, I find it to just be an excuse. When you buy smart, plan out meals, and commit to eating healthy – you will be able to afford it. Totally a discussion for a different day but the point is, these there recipes lasted us days at a time, were extremely healthy, and were under $10. All thanks to my Crockpot!

Chad and I have been anticipating this move for a while which has given me some time to pin recipes that I thought would make our lives easy, stay on track with our diets, and last a few days to help save money. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will know I pin in ‘Easy Meals’ or ‘Crockpot Gold’ like crazy! I love the thought of just dumping some ingredients into the slow cooker and then watching it work it’s magic – especially since it’s super healthy and affordable. Plus we generally get 2-3 nights worth of dinner, depending on whether or not we steal some for lunch.

Salsa Chicken

This first recipe is a long time favorite of mine and I actually started making it when I first left for college. I’ve also seen it quite a bit on Pinterest as being a top-rated slow cooker recipe and that is Salsa Chicken! I wish I could say I was joking when I tell you all you need to do is put some frozen chicken breasts into a crockpot, add salsa, and let it cook. SO EASY!

Our Giant Eagle was having a special, buy 1 pack of chicken breasts (3 pieces) get one free. The price of one was around $10.00 so we bought four packages which equalled out to be roughly $20.00 (because BOGO). I grabbed a bag of bell peppers from SAM’s Club for $6.00 which had 6 peppers (I only used 2), I bought two big jars of salsa at our target 2/$5 and then just used some spices we had in our cabinet. All together the total was about $10.50 for two nights of dinner.


We decided to switch it up and make chicken quesadillas on the second night with some chips, hummus, and more salsa!


Turkey Chili

Okay this one takes a bit more preparation than the salsa chicken but it is equally amazing! I have to admit, I never ever liked chili as a kid. I couldn’t understand why my mom used to make it so much and why everyone would drool over it. I guess when they say tastebuds change.. or maybe you just realize food is expensive and healthy is normally not convenient.

This is the perfect fall, game day, snuggle up on a couch recipe that just screams eat me. You can serve this over noodles or in a bowl with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese – either way you’ll never be disappointed. I like to sub turkey for beef to keep things a bit healthier while sticking to the root of the meal, but feel free to use some beef! I also tend to always have beans on hand but I will account for them in the total price.

I purchased 5 pounds of ground turkey for $13 (only use 2.5 pounds), two cans of kidney beans $1.96, 2 cans of tomato sauce $1.96, 1 can of tomato with green chillies 88 cents, 1 can of corn 88 cents, and one yellow onion which is 86 cents. All together this meal is roughly $12 for three nights of dinner plus lunches!

Eating healthy foods does not have to be expensive or inconvenient. When you’re always on the go, a Crockpot will be your best friend.

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