This was our first official weekend in our new place! To say life was a little crazy for a while was an understatement. Chad and I were just talking about things we’re looking forward to like having time for a nightly walk through our neighborhood, taking a shower after a late night workout, making dinner in one kitchen, or even just buying groceries for one house.. you know, just things normal people do. Things are definitely starting to come together, slowly but surely it’s starting to sink in.


This weekend has been full of football games, lifting, and great treats! What more could you ask for? If you guys follow me on Insta, you probably saw our massive pizza and sausage role – it was amazing. After moving in a few things, we decided to head to the stadium and run a few sprints + walk stadium stairs, and I mean every single stair. So in my defense, that pizza was well deserved! – Thats what it’s all about people! Work hard, eat delicious!

Thats my face when Chad says we can get pizza.. and a cookie

Half pepperoni and half garlic chicken with a sausage and spinach roll – #drooling

Next we headed to our local bakery and brace yourself

A massive chocolate chip cookie with creamy icing mixed in, I call it milk and cookies on crack – #crying

I know how it feels when life doesn’t workout, and that means neither do you. It’s hard to stay motivated, positive, and confident when you know you haven’t been eating or working out as much as you would like to be. In those moments, you begin to realize you have only have one option and that’s to love yourself and live anyway.

So take a jog or maybe even a short walk and eat some pizza, even grab yourself a cookie. When you work hard all week, treat your self and leave the guilt at the door. It’s all about loving the entire journey because this is your life, not a diet you plan on failing.

I will be eating plenty of veggies and healthy foods for the rest of the week and you will too because Saturday is calling our names! I hope you all had a great weekend with many sweat inspired treats. Happy Sunday and Happy NFL Season!

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