My favorite protein packed, super simple snacks to get you through your day

There’s nothing worse than when 3 o’clock hunger pains strike and you’re willing to eat just about anything and everything. Whenever I was walking around campus, running errands, or even getting ready to hit the gym, I always find myself stuck between whether I should shove my face or leave a little hungry. And many of you know, I tend to always choose option number one. I used to be such a snacker. I don’t think I sat down to eat a single meal other than dinner, I would honestly just pick at this and that until I was full. Well, obviously thats not the most ideal way to go about your diet, especially if you’re trying to lose a bit of fat while gaining muscle – but of course, it’s just easier. After getting really frustrated with my extremely slow progression in both ways, I gave in and actually started eating whole meals.

The busiest part of my day tends to be in the morning so after a big breakfast and decent sized lunch, I usually am good until dinner. But add some trips to the grocery store, long campus hikes, or even an afternoon run and theres no way we’re making it until dinner! I have put together my absolute favorite mid-day snacks that are super healthy, easy, and packed with protein!

Oven Roasted Chickpeas

These are my absolute favorite, go to snack whenever I’m feeling a tad bit hungry. Whether you want to make these in a big batch and have them for the week or even take fifteen minutes to whip them up – they’re great! Garbanzo beans, or chick peas, are packed with fiber and protein and there are a ton of different ways to eat them. Check out my favorite here!



Hard Boiled Eggs

Not everyone has time for scramble up some eggs in the morning, and personally, I would rather have a protein shake on most days. But I have been loving having hard boiled eggs on hand! (Thanks Chad) I usually make about a dozen in the beginning of the week and whenever I need a little something, I have a few and I am good to go! These little guys surprisingly have a great amount of protein, and not to mention healthy cholesterol!

Chad Tip: Add some Frank’s Hot Sauce and a bit of sea salt – mm! 



Protein Bar

I, of course, had to include this one even if it seems like a no brainer. Lately whenever I’m on the go, I love being able to grab a protein bar and know that I’m 1. getting my protein in and 2. going to stay full, even after a late night workout. Chad and I have been really liking these Oatmega bars that we found at Target for roughly five dollars. He originally found these on which is a great site with a ton of all-natural supplements and products, so when we saw these at Target we had to get them. We also picked up a box of the ‘chocolate coconut’ (I think) flavor and they tasted just like an Almond Joy!

I know a lot of people would rather grab something whole, which is why I included both ideas above, but this is just something that I like to have on hand.



I hope these ideas help you get through the rest of your day and maybe even help you crush that workout! As always, thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to let me in on your mid-day favs!

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