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Have the healthiest summer you yet!

The end of May is in sight and it’s finally starting to feel like summer around here. As a kid, I remember Memorial Day as being the kick off of summer vaca. The pool would open, school would let out, and the warm weather would roll in. And of course as a kid, it also meant ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner without a care in the world. Well I wish I could say the same for this twenty year old, but y’all know I can’t. After a weekend full of burgers, beer and good company – it’s time to chug some water and eat some green things!

Believe it or not, you can live a little and still be in tip top shape for summer. Maybe I should say live a lot considering our weekend’s have been anything but healthy. Who’s to judge, right? ANYWAYS – the internet is flooded with every tip and trick about losing that winter weight just in time for summer. Green juice detox this and no carb diet that, well that doesn’t sound fun nor are you actually going to do it for the rest of your life. If you’re feeling a little fluffy from the weekend, try these three simple tips to get you feeling healthy and confident again!

No. 1 Drink Yo Water

This is SO SO important! Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, drinking your aqua is essential for your health. The recommended daily amount is 8 oz. which is 2 liters, or half of a gallon. Whenever we sweat, pee, and even breathe, we are losing water. When we aren’t hydrated, our bodies feel tired and sluggish making it even harder to feel motivated to get that workout in. Not drinking enough water can actually trick your body into thinking you’re hungry, rather you’re just thirsty. So all in all, feeling tired + hungry = a not so good weight gain just in time for summer.

I aim to drink 4 liters of water a day which is just over a gallon. Now before you start imagining meatheads with gallon jugs, it is essential for my body to get that much water – especially on training days. The daily recommended amount is only half of that so along as you’re getting at least 8oz., you’re good to go! I know filling up a water bottle isn’t always an option, whether you’re running from class to class or your only access to water is a sink at work – so what I like to do is break it up. I usually have a big bottle (or two) of Smart Water with me, or any large bottle of water. One bottle is around 1 liter, so I try to drink two before lunch, one as soon as I get home to refill it, and one last bottle during my workout. If you’re sitting there staring at your big ol’ gallon jug, dreading it – just portion it out throughout the day. Actually drinking too much at once doesn’t help your body as much as you would like, and you’ll be visiting the bathroom at least ten times in a hour.


No.2 Focus On Protein

Being a carb junkie, this one is definitely the hardest for me!

Many of you know protein and I have had our bumps in the road. Lately my training has seemed a bit off and I haven’t been recovering as much as I should. Not to mention I’ve just been feeling bloated/fluffy at the oddest times. Low and behold, I realized I haven’t been eating enough protein. Whenever I was hungry, I grabbed a piece of fruit or cut up some veggies. Yes, those are great options but they don’t help too much when trying to get big and strong. Protein is extremely important for building muscle while trying to lose fat, and can keep you feeling fuller, longer. Both in which will help you get summer ready!

I usually always have protein powder on hand for whenever I need a quick breakfast or even a post workout snack. Well, I ran out for like three weeks and thats where it all went wrong. That’s dramatic but you know. I was so used to having the convenience that I wouldn’t think twice about whether or not I was getting enough protein in my diet. But as soon as I didn’t have it, I had to consciously think about which foods would give me the most amount and typically I was relying on eggs and chicken at dinner. Good but not good enough. So, in those few weeks I started to notice how tired I felt, how sore my muscles stayed, and how bloated I was. I can’t stress it enough how essential protein is, especially for those of you who exercise and lift weights. If you’re trying to lean down for summer, stick to lean meats and nutrient dense carbs – your body will thank you!



No. 3 Sweat Everyday

Last but certainly not least, MOVE, EXERCISE, SWEAT! Your body is in your hands and you are the only person who has the power to change it. We all like yummy desserts and we all like binge watching Netflix, but thats not an excuse. Walk, run, lift weights, don’t lift weights, spin, do yoga, do pilates – whatever you like to do and whatever you need to do to get yourself moving – just do it! Burning calories is the *uhm KEY to losing that unwanted fluff.
You don’t need to lift or have a ‘killer crushing’ workout seven days a week. Your body does need time for a little R&R – but walking or going for a jog are both great ways to get moving with less stress on your body. I would rather do something and break a sweat everyday than sit around and be a couch potato. Even on my off days, I walk on the treadmill for at least twenty minutes just to get the blood flowing and mentally starting my day off right.


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