Kick your nutrition into gear, lose the weight, and gain your health

No.1 Add Fiber

What we consider ‘healthy carbs’ – fiber is a must and can be easily added to every meal. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are all nutrient dense foods that come packed with fiber. We’re told to stay clear from carbs while trying to lose weight/be healthy but that’s totally not the case here. Foods such as whole wheat pasta, rice, vegetables, or even beans are high in carbohydrates but they contain healthy fiber, which is completely different than say eating donuts and cake. Yes, that means that pasta dishes aren’t completely off the table! Substitute white pasta for a whole grain option and the pounds will come off while you enjoy your favorite meal.

No.2 Reduce Calories

This one seems like a no brainer but the amount of unnecessary calories in some meals are a big surprise for most people. When using dairy products, look for lower fat options. Nutrients aren’t lost in the process and many calories will be saved. Beef can be extremely high in calories and can easily be swapped for chicken or fish. Don’t get me wrong, I love steak as much as the next guy so by all means, eat a steak every once in a while. However, I wouldn’t suggest beef at every meal. By choosing leaner products such as turkey bacon or even ground turkey for burgers, you’ll be saving a ton of calories.

No.3 Choose Healthier Fats

Reading food labels can be confusing with three different ‘fats’ to look at. First understand that fat does not make you fat! Eating too much of any nutrient will ultimately make you gain weight. It just so happens that fats are higher in calories, used as substitutes, and typically delicious, therefor we eat a lot of them. Simple things such as choosing leaner meats, reducing salad dressing amounts, or going easy on the Alfredo or cream based dishes will certainly do the trick.

No.4 Eliminate Additives

It’s really important to know exactly what you’re eating. Nutrition labels only give you a splice of information and often times leave out the most important details. A healthy plate shouldn’t have a plethora of additives, artificial coloring, or preservatives. Stick to plain and simple Be sure to double check the ingredients list and skip on anything that looks too good to be true.


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