It’s all about love

If there is one thing we are promised in this life, it’s to be loved. And more importantly, to love. It makes you feel invincible, it makes you feel worthy, and it makes you feel bigger than you are. I choose to measure my success in the happy moments, the uncontrollable laughs, and the unconditional amount of love.

Today started with framing a map of Youngstown, and the street of the old gym where Chad and I met. I couldn’t help but think back to the day when I knew I loved him. It was the day I knew I loved myself. I finally understood what it meant to make mistakes, to come to terms with my own imperfections, and to work extremely hard for something. My greatest success in this life won’t come when I reach a number on the scale, weight on my back, or even muscle definition in the mirror. It comes everyday, loving him, loving me, and loving us.

As I walked into the gym this morning, I had to pinch myself. The stereo that usually blares AC/DC or Chili Peppers was playing ‘You Send Me’ – our song. The whiteboards that normally read PR’s and workouts, only held love notes and perfect hearts. The bench that supports athletes held no more than a bag full of my favorite munchies, my favorite sweats, and tickets to our favorite soccer team. Once again, I had to pinch myself. After the tears, kisses, and more tears – we did what we love to do, together, we worked our butts off.

Our Valentines Bench Day:

Fat Grip Bench 5×5 + Backdown

Single Arm DB Bench 3x//Chins

Pushups//Chins 3x

100 Press Downs

Your success in life, in training, or love is only yours to measure. On the day that most singles resent and most couples adore, I hope you chose to love unconditionally.

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