Does this Fitbit make me look.. Fit?

If your Fitbit motivates you to take the stairs, hit the treadmill or park further from the store – great! But if your relying on those numbers for the amount of food you can eat – not so great!

I remember the days that I wore a Polar heart rate monitor every single day at the gym and I was that guy licking my fingers to make sure my strap was wet enough to detect every.single.calorie.burned. And if it didn’t – it was the end of the world. “How was I supposed to know how many calories I really burned? What if I eat one hundred extra calories today because this is inaccurate?!” Just don’t be that guy.

When you give your workout your everything and when your working as hard as you can – you don’t need to worry about numbers. When your eating fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy meats and fats, you don’t need an App to tell you an expected date for your goal weight. 

Technology: designed to simplify our lives but only magnifies our worries.

Weight lifting, running, Crossfit, yoga, cycling, swimming – whatever you choose to do, all that matters is that your doing something. Your burning calories, your working towards your goals, and your making progress. You know that and you don’t need fancy, pricy gadgets to tell you.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a few warm days here which means getting outside as much as possible. This was the first time all winter that we completely disconnected from everything, found a trail, and just went for it. We didn’t track our steps, our distance, or calories burned. We went at our own pace without a care in the world, laughing and enjoying each others company.

Don’t rely on a screen for approval or to measure your success. Disconnect every now and again to remember why you started and how far you’ve come.

3 thoughts on “Training Technology & Why You Don't Need It”

  1. Ha I can relate. I use an app to track how much I walk a week and every now and then I forget to hit the start button the fifth time so that it actually starts recording and whn I’m done and see the blank screen waiting for me to hit start I feel cheated like my workout didn’t count because it wasn’t logged. Even though I eat the extra cookie whether I burned the calories or not 😉

      1. All that walking for nothing…nevermind the 4 miles I just walked, laughing my butt off with my husband and goofy kids and the beautiful sunset we just saw. I didn’t see how far we walked??? Ugh haha. (Brushing cookie crumbs off couch) 😉

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