It was my day off at the gym and just so happened to be 50 degrees which means ya gurls going outside. I have such a love/hate/more so love relationship with stadium stairs. Its one of those ‘this sucks so bad’ ‘it hurts so good’ type deals. Chad and I try to get out of the gym as much as possible when the weather’s nice and in Ohio, you never know when that may be. And stadium stairs is definitely one of our favorites for conditioning.

If you have access to a stadium or even a set of stairs, you can get a great workout in! Luckily we live in an area with about twenty different stadiums to choose from, including a massive university stadium (- I actually question life half way up). My favorite part about running stadium stairs is it can be quick and well worth it.

My workout: 

400m warm up

Stadium : 10 times (up and back) // 10 strict pushups between every two sets of stairs

If you can’t do pushups, try something like bodyweight squats or reverse lunges. The point is to not stop moving with very little rest in between sets. 

Yup, thats it. Your workouts do not need to consist of a thousand different variations of donkey kicks or squats. It was my day out of the gym and I just wanted to get some extra cardio in. You don’t need fancy cardio equipment to get a good workout in. Stick to the basics and train like ya mean it.

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