Get It, Split it, and Enjoy It

I had an appointment in Pittsburgh and to make a day out of it I stopped to grab lunch. I ordered my favorite Chicken Pad Thai, which was the most American Chicken Pad Thai possibly ever, but I LOVE it. I forgot to order the smaller version and when they handed it to me I was like ‘do I even lift??’ Seriously though – it was so heavy! Once I got home, partially drooling, I grabbed a small(ish) bowl and filled it with my chicken. Whatever room I had left, I added probably not even an eighth of the noodles they gave me. I knew if I ate it straight out of the container I would be in trouble and thank goodness I didn’t. Surprisingly enough, I was actually really full and I barely dented my meal.

Losing weight has A LOT to do with HOW MUCH you eat! Of course it matter WHAT you’re eating but how much you’re eating is just as important. A slice of whole grain bread won’t make you fat but an entire loaf might.

Portion Tips:

When Ordering Takeout

DON’T EAT OUT OF THE CONTAINER! Chances are, you’re portion is well beyond what you actually need! Grab a dish and split it up. Plus you’ll have another meal for later! img_3429#Saving$$ “Divide and CONQUER – Coach Chad”

When Eating Out

If you’re getting something like pasta that is most likely going to be served in a big bowl- ask if they could bring you and extra bowl. Portion out your over portioned pasta, box the rest and call it a night. If you’re eating something like a burger (my fav), cut it in half and maybe even fourths. I love love love doing this when were out (sorry Chad I know I look like a child) but I never finish my burger and I don’t feel like I need to. Now, if you ordered fish or steak with a side of fresh veggies- gurl PIG OUT!

These tips have helped me immensely. I eat until I’m satisfied rather than being ‘full’ and not only does it make me feel a lot better but it makes me look a lot better. My eyes are bigger than my stomach but if I only see what I can eat, I’ll eat only what I see.

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