For me the hardest part about setting goals was being confident enough to pursue them

The first time I came to the gym I filled out a paper and one of the questions read “What are your goals?” I think my answer was something so simple like “To get stronger.” Well, looks like you came to the right place (??)

Time and time again, Chad asked me what my goals were and I constantly answered with “I don’t know.” I didn’t know what I was training for, why I was eating healthy, and doing the things I said I loved to do. I wasn’t confident in myself that I could actually reach a goal so I just didn’t set them.

Having a set goal is a meaningful reason to drive your success

When my mindset was so ‘black and white powerlifting’, I wanted nothing more than to just look strong. I didn’t set real goals for myself but I just wanted it to happen. I was expecting muscles to just grow, I was expecting to just lift heavier than before, and I was expecting it all to come quickly.

The day I decided I was going to set realistic goals for myself was the day I knew why I was doing this. I don’t want to look strong, I want to be strong and my goal every single day is to be stronger than yesterday. I want to contribute time to my blog every week, I want to run a mile in under 8 minutes, I want to be able to do 10 strict chin ups, and I want to bench a plate. Some in which will take me months and months of training and others that I can knock out tomorrow. ¬†Your short term goals are just as important, if not more important than your long term goals.

If you can’t find a purpose or reason to continuously live a healthier life, you’ll never find a sense of satisfaction. You’ll continue pushing until you slowly fade off because you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and its just ‘easier to quit.’

I challenge you to set yourself goals and more importantly, I challenge you to demolish those goals. Repeat them to yourself, write them down, and work towards them every single day.


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