There were days that I cared more about getting a picture than breaking a sweat

I found myself in a really hard place because of the #Fitstagram world. I chose to believe what I saw and not accept myself until I looked exactly like those girls. But those girls don’t even look like those girls. I didn’t know what to believe and something that was supposed to be the healthiest way of living became my worst illness.

For the longest time, all I wanted to write about was how degrading Instagram has been to the lifting and health culture. What was once looked at as a mentally and physically strong community, has turned into a sea of hashtags. How we’re comparing ourselves, judging each other, and in constant competition of “likes”.  I wanted to write about it until I realized thats exactly who I was writing to. By constantly being connected, contributing, and mindlessly scrolling through these fitness pages, I was getting myself nowhere.

What now brings me my greatest satisfaction is posting to our Girls of Nashdog Facebook group. Talking to everyone at the gym, asking about their workout, asking about how things have been going, and offering any help I can.

Just like everything in life, there is no one way of doing anything. It’s okay to completely disconnect if it means you begin to reconnect.







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